January 2012

Sometimes I follow the path, not veering left or right. It’s just easier to go straight at those times. But just about when I’ve had enough of the same boring scenery, I come to an interesting fork in the road. I’d passed the other forks and continued. This time, something grabs my attention. Maybe it’s vibrant red tulips or sun-bright daffodils. Or maybe it’s an unusually majestic pine tree. Maybe it’s something I heard that’s reflected in the landscape. I’m can’t always pinpoint the motivating factor and don’t always analyze the reason, but I take the turn.

New scenery and suddenly I’m energized. That’s when the new adventure begins!


Last week I searched for networking events in Greater LA. I figured it’s time to get out a meet more folks. I wanted something energizing and inspiring – and a convenient time and in a comfortable place. I came across an announcement that Chellie Campbell would speak on a Sunday afternoon (today) at a hair salon about 20 minutes away! My favorite business/finance motivational speaker and author … presenting on a convenient day … at a comfortable place. JACKPOT!

I’ll admit I’ve never been to a hair salon for a networking event. What a great relaxing venue! Chula, the salon’s owner, was a terrific, friendly, and a gracious hostess. I felt at home in the comfy salon chairs, surrounded by upbeat people. As Chellie says, “My People.”

Chellie shared her story of how she published The Wealthy Spirit. Although I’ve heard the story before, I enjoy her bubbly presentation of challenges she faced. And I heard something new this time … believe in your goal. Her smile is infectious – I smiled and laughed along with her. My face got an aerobic workout! (I wonder how many calories we burn doing “facial aerobics”!)

In her signature gold sneakers (now she has a pair with leopard spots – one of her favorite designs), Chellie energized the room and reminded us to:

  • Swim with dolphins (they communicate, swim in schools, and protect each other)
  • Say your affirmations daily (“I am a marvelous, creative person, and wonderful opportunities await me!”)
  • Send out ships (affirmations are great and we need to back them up with actions)
  • Focus on your goal, yet enjoy life along the way
  • Be grateful for everything in your life

And if someone rejects your book, article, or idea, repeat this catchy four-letter word…NEXT! (Chellie thanks Jack Canfield for that tip!)

As I walked out, I wondered, Can I really dust off that article draft and revise it?

Sure I can…just need to find some dolphins to help me focus on my goal.


“Something wonderful is happening to me today – I can feel it!” (Chellie Campbell, The Wealthy Spirit).

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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Jan. 6, 2011

July 22, 2009

A friend of mine will begin to play The Career Search Game. Given the new rules of this Game, she’s not quite sure which direction to take (and definitely wants to pass go and collect $200). My friend decided that before rolling the dice, she would create her “I can” list.

“Your what list?” I asked incredulously.

“I can list – a list of any and all activities I can do to make a healthy livelihood. You know, things like, ‘I can tell stories. I can teach. I can walk dogs.’ …”

A positive free-form list! What a creative way to begin The Career Search.

“Well, what happens after you have that list? Are you really going to look for dog-walking jobs?”

“Ha! Not exactly! Then I review the list and decide which tasks I really could do and which I absolutely won’t do. The goal is to get the list down to some jobs that I’d really like to do. Then I start looking.”

“So you’re looking to expand the type of work you could look for?”

“That’s one possibility. The free-form list may reveal some type of activity I’ve never thought about but have the skills. And who knows? Maybe dog walking is a clue that might lead me to Veterinarian Assistant (doubtful, but it could)!”

Here are some items my friend has on her list:

  • I can organize work flow and materials.
  • I can listen to people with empathy.
  • I can walk dogs and care for cats.
  • I can supervise and motivate teams of people.
  • I can be a storyteller.
  • I can do and teach arts and crafts.
  • I can drive and use maps or a GPS.

It’s 2012. The rules of The Career Search Game have changed – even in the last year. Why not begin the game with an “I can” list?

I can write lists.

  • I can edit.
  • I can write a blog.
  • I can pass go and collect $200!
  • I can…

What’s on your “I can” list?

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Advice from the Woodland:

Find your path…Start from the ground up…Stretch your limbs…Branch out…Root for others…Make room for new growth š

From Your True Nature calendar.