February 2010

While traveling through life transitions, including career changes, I’ve learned a great deal about the value of networking and support groups. Speaking with others in a similar situation has tremendous value. Learning about new opportunities through network meeting can really move me forward.

Recently, though, I spent time with old friends (not only in age). I found an incredible wealth of information, support, and camaraderie. These folks have known me for at least 30 years, have travelled with me through many of my transitions, and have often gone through “stuff” themselves. We chatted over coffee or shopping trips; took walks together, and participated in social events. They offered support, counsel, and a fresh outlook.

Lessons learned: Go to networking events. Continue with new support groups. Equally important: remember to spend time with old friends.


I’ve referred to myself here and here as a “glass half full” person. Today I realized that this metaphor does not work for me. The glass isn’t half full – it’s full. And if my glass is full, then I can share the contents with you. When I’m inspired and energized, I pass along those feelings to my audience. As I share the contents of my glass, I can refill it as needed.

I picture myself at a dining room table with guests. I’m holding a large pitcher of water. Being the gracious hostess I am, I stop at each guest, offering to pour them a glass of this thirst-quenching liquid. As I pour the water, naturally there is less in the pitcher. I know where the source is and go back to refill the pitcher so that I can share the contents with my guests.

Knowing the source of the inspiration is the key. Once I have that key, I can make sure that my glass is full.


With so much depressing news around us, it’s a challenge to put forth a positive attitude. Yet, that’s exactly what I’m daring myself and you to do. Reframe a negative experience in positive terms. Change the “don’t do” to “try this.”

So it’s snowing! Think of all that moisture seeping into the ground so that the trees and flowers will grow.

Do you find the unemployment stats depressing? Consider not listening to the news! We already know that information. Try this – focus on the positive. We have our health, we’re meeting great people at networking events, and enjoying some of the venues!

What’s your latest “be positive” experience?

We’ve spoken about personal mission statements here. How do we identify a personal statement? How can we discover our unique mission?

Recently, I learned some tips that help prepare us to discover our mission:

  • Pray for our respective higher power’s guidance.
  • Write responses to these questions: When we are our happiest, what are we doing? How do we feel?
  • Consider this point: When we are our happiest, what character trait (or traits) and values come out? For example, kindness? Truth? Strength?
  • Research where we can use these traits and values in our life. Which careers use these traits? Which volunteer activities would match these values?

Then we will be on the path to identifying our unique mission.