September 2010

I’ve written about some of the firsts. I’ve recorded some of the recent changes in my life. And I’m not sure I sounded so upbeat. I prefer to believe that the “glass is half-full.” Lately, I haven’t felt that way. Last week, I re-committed to consciously choose joy, happiness, fulfillment; that the events in my life are in exact measure for what I need. I’ve heard some great lectures recently and read a wonderful article that inspired me. I’m here to learn. All the circumstances in my life are perfect for me to grow and develop into a productive, giving, warm human being.

“Perfect circumstances” are not events, people, or surrounds that are all rosy, fun, or even exciting. “Perfect circumstances” are ones that give me the exact medium within which I can grow.

So, life is good. It’s a beautiful day – and I’m here to enjoy it.


I stopped into the neighborhood Starbucks this morning to treat myself to a cup of drip coffee that someone else brewed for me. The barista let me know that they were brewing Anniversary Blend and a house blend this morning. In a knee-jerk reaction, I said, “Anniversary Blend.” Today, Labor Day/September 6, would have been my sixth wedding anniversary. I celebrated, along with Starbucks, and enjoyed the Anniversary Blend.

And as I enjoyed the hot jolting drink, I thought: Is this an Anniversary Blend or a blend of anniversaries? What’s an anniversary? Commemorating an event. To me, “blend” connotes mixing together, intermingling, or combining ideas, concepts, people, or in this case, events. Throughout the summer, I marked anniversaries in my relationship with Herschel – all from 2004. Our our first phone conversation was in June. Herschel had proposed (and I had accepted) in July. And now, our marriage. Definitely a blend of anniversaries.

Yet this summer was another type of anniversary. It was (and is) the beginning of a new segment of my life – my life without Herschel. I returned to my adult home town to rebuild my life and celebrated that return with family and friends. Along with the return, came a new career direction. And as I celebrated my wedding anniversary today, I searched for new home.

Anniversary Blend or a blend of anniversaries? Both.

Happy Anniversary!