• One Apartment Dweller (AD) who identifies the non-working bulb. Said AD happens to be height-challenged.
  • One Tall Family Member (TFM), well-versed in light-bulb changing. step stool
  • One industrious child (IC); he willingly shleps the step-stool twice his height to the kitchen (location of said non-working bulb).
  • One curious toddler (CT); he attempts to help the TFM by standing on the lower rungs of the step-stool.

NOTE: Not counted, but important: other family members (OTMs) who cheer on the operation!


In spite of the AD, IC, and CT, TFM successfully performs the light-bulb changing operation! Light is restored to AD’s domicile … and life!

Thank you, TFM, IC, CT, and OTMs for lighting up my life!

working light bulb