I read The Wealthy Spirit (Chellie Campbell) almost daily. Some days I’m moved; some days I’m amused. Almost always, I’m inspired. Reading no. 363, “Roads,” got me thinking…which road will it be this year? Let’s listen to what Chellie says:

Now I see that roads are not so straightforward. You choose your road for the promised destination, but the journey is never what you expect. Sometimes the way is steep, lined with sharp stones; sometimes it is a walk in the park. On some parts of the road the sun smiles; on others the wind hows. Sometimes other roads line up with ours and we trudge for a time side by side with another traveler. When we stumble, another can reach out a hand to steady us. Then the road diverge again; our paths change; they keep north while we veer east. But always we are on our road. The one less traveled, the one we have chosen. The road beckons and we follow. We have chosen the destination and the road will take us where it wills. Its troubles train our endurance, strengthen our commitment until we are worn shiny smooth like rocks in a tumbler. (Emphasis is mine.)

My cross-country trips come to mind. Some parts of the road are certainly steep. Sometimes the sun does shine and sometimes it rains – or even snows, challenging my visibility. Just like in life. But I stay on the road, and yes, it is the one less traveled. It’s the one that is perfect for my training and development.

The road beckons, and I’m following it. Yet, which way will my road turn this year?

a road beckons