September 2009

It’s been rainy, cold, and blustery for the last two days in Cleveland, Ohio. I see dreary grey skies wherever I look. Sounds like “bad weather” huh? That’s what I would have thought – until I read something recently that’s helped me reframe my view. I read that there isn’t any “bad” weather – all weather is good. (And when I find the source, I’ll amend this post!)

Wow! Revolutionary! All weather is good.

  • To the landscaper who just planted new grass – rainy weather is good.
  • For the 2 year-0ld who enjoys puddle-jumping, rain is the best weather.
  • Sun is wonderful – but do we appreciate it when it’s constantly sunny? Maybe not.
  • And what about those vibrant fall colors on the trees? Can’t have those without some cool (ok “nippy”) days.

So today I appreciate the rain – it’s good weather!


Yup, that’s what was cooking in my house early this morning! Quite a way to wake up. We usually think of coffee as the “wake up aroma.” Today, it was healthy, filling chicken soup. All of the ingredients blended nicely to create an appetizing and enjoyable meal.

A wonderful change – to wake up and smell a different aroma early in the day. Maybe we’re on to something here…cook something unique in the morning…try a new recipe…take a new action. Change will open all sorts of possibilities!

I’m going to take my own advice, presented at the STC 55th Technical Summit and LEARN! (For a copy of the presentation, please email me.)

  • Learn new enterprises.
  • Entertain change.
  • Actively seek out different opportunities.
  • Run after new tools.
  • Network.

I’m especially excited about the “R” – new software tools – InDesign, Illustrator, and more on HTML. This will also activate the “E” – I’m entertaining the change in skill set!

What will open up next? How can I use these tools to assist others?

On a journey there are twists and turns in the road. Sometimes, we lose our way. Sometimes the GPS is wrong. Sometimes the road is straight, yet we hit a heavy rainstorm. Or maybe there’s construction in one part of the route that we didn’t expect and now we’re delayed. So what happens?

If we’re lost, we stop and ask directions – sometimes more than once. If the GPS is wrong, maybe re-program it. And what happens in that heavy rainstorm? We get off the highway and wait for the storm to pass. We check the map for another route, and if there isn’t any, we wait and move forward slowly toward our destination.

We learn patience with the process. And as long as we know where we’re going, as long as we focus on the destination, we’ll get there.

Have a great trip!

Snippets of general career search advice…

  • Post a list of job must haves and wants in a prominent place.
  • Maintain a copy of the resume in key places.
  • Take time between the offer and response.
  • Before launching a business, consider, “What will my business contribute to the world?”

Musings about the right opportunity…

  • Do my skills, interests and abilities match what the employer needs?
  • Will this position bring out my potential?
  • Does this opportunity make my soul sing?

It’s a cool day here in Cleveland, Ohio. The sun is shining, the trees are starting to show their vibrant colors, and the birds are singing. I enjoyed all of this in the early morning, before the world woke up!

What a gift – to be able to get before dawn, walk the neighborhood and listen to these morning sounds. There was a light mist over the golf course so that the grass and tree trunks appeared hazy – as if the view was an impressionist painting.

I’m grateful for all that I’ve been granted today. Gratitude – gratefulness, thankfulness, appreciation.

Sometimes I write in order to reach the dark places that prevent me from continuing my journey. Those are the dark places inside of me. Through writing I hope to shine some light on those places. Why the darkness? What is the darkness?

I often discover that the darkness is fear. Fear of opening that bulky, heavy, oak door, adorned with large metal latches. I can journey to that door, yet I cannot open it. What’s behind it? What if I don’t like what I find? The fear builds during the journey.

The fear builds until I’m about to explode. I suddenly remember that I don’t need to journey alone. I can find some traveling companions to make the trip enjoyable. With my buddies, we can help each other along the way. We share refreshments, information, and directions.

My traveling buddies have given me courage to open the oak doors that lead to beautiful, lush gardens. Thanks to all who are traveling with me!

* * * * *

Susan Orion inspired this piece during her presentation at the ABWA Women of Wisdom meeting, September 2009.

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