Last week I searched for networking events in Greater LA. I figured it’s time to get out a meet more folks. I wanted something energizing and inspiring – and a convenient time and in a comfortable place. I came across an announcement that Chellie Campbell would speak on a Sunday afternoon (today) at a hair salon about 20 minutes away! My favorite business/finance motivational speaker and author … presenting on a convenient day … at a comfortable place. JACKPOT!

I’ll admit I’ve never been to a hair salon for a networking event. What a great relaxing venue! Chula, the salon’s owner, was a terrific, friendly, and a gracious hostess. I felt at home in the comfy salon chairs, surrounded by upbeat people. As Chellie says, “My People.”

Chellie shared her story of how she published The Wealthy Spirit. Although I’ve heard the story before, I enjoy her bubbly presentation of challenges she faced. And I heard something new this time … believe in your goal. Her smile is infectious – I smiled and laughed along with her. My face got an aerobic workout! (I wonder how many calories we burn doing “facial aerobics”!)

In her signature gold sneakers (now she has a pair with leopard spots – one of her favorite designs), Chellie energized the room and reminded us to:

  • Swim with dolphins (they communicate, swim in schools, and protect each other)
  • Say your affirmations daily (“I am a marvelous, creative person, and wonderful opportunities await me!”)
  • Send out ships (affirmations are great and we need to back them up with actions)
  • Focus on your goal, yet enjoy life along the way
  • Be grateful for everything in your life

And if someone rejects your book, article, or idea, repeat this catchy four-letter word…NEXT! (Chellie thanks Jack Canfield for that tip!)

As I walked out, I wondered, Can I really dust off that article draft and revise it?

Sure I can…just need to find some dolphins to help me focus on my goal.


“Something wonderful is happening to me today – I can feel it!” (Chellie Campbell, The Wealthy Spirit).

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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