Painted music…what’s that?”

Exactly as it’s sounds: music that is painted and not played.

Dip your soft bristled brush into some cool water. Then gently swirl the bristles in your favorite water color shade. Lightly guide the color over the stark white page and form amusing and unusual musical notes and whimsical bars.

painted music 07232015 (2)

Gliding the brush across the page, I created deep royal purple curves. Pausing a bit to survey the scene, I lifted the brush slightly off the page and gently swirled the color into light, almost transparent lines.

Musical bars need notes! But what kind?

My brain went blank trying to recall the different types of notes. What are were those circles called? (Whole notes, I later remembered.) But those might look so bland.

What about those notes with lines and “tails”?

Those looked fun!

Some in pairs and some just there!

Some are dancin’ and some are prancin’!

You, too, can have Painted Music! Just add water, stir, and glide!


With gratitude to Glenna Rosansky  (and a bit of inspiration from Dr. Seuss!).