March 2012

I tried to ignore the fact that Herschel’s birthday is today. I tried saying, “It’s not such a big deal.” Ignoring the dates didn’t work. Ignoring the feelings also didn’t work. I grew anxious, unsettled, and sad. When I finally saw the connection between the feelings and the time of year, I decided to face the facts: This is birthday time. It would have been Herschel’s 61st birthday today (Hebrew calendar – 7 Nisan; English date is 4/13). And he’s not in this life to celebrate it. And that’s sad.

The first year we were married, I had strung a happy birthday streamer in the house. He had told me he never had a banner in honor of his birthday. So every year, I hung a streamer. That action became part of my Passover prep – strategically placing a “Happy Birthday” streamer in the kitchen! The vibrant reds, blues, yellows, and greens sure brightened up the home! And our moods.

For Herschel, there’s no streamer this year; there’s no birthday celebration. I can only pray that there’s a big celebration Up Above for his accomplishments in this world.

Birthday time – a time for reflection, a time for celebration, a time for gratitude.

May we all merit long, healthy, productive lives!


Mornings are challenging. We “sprang forward” a week or so ago. That is – most of the US did and I did change my clocks, but I’m still on the functioning on the “old time.” My alarm sings its cheery wake up tune. My eyes open and – hey! Where’s the lightI realize it’s still quite dark outside.

I grope around to turn on a light. OK, there it is. Now I can see what time it is. 6:30AM.

How am I going to get moving when it’s still so dark?

Coffee! That should get the motor running!Dark, super-strong, flavorful, coffee…mmmmm!

So I put up the kettle; grind the beans, and prepare the filter. And wait. Soon I’m drinking my favorite nutty-smelling, strong coffee. And the body starts to respond. Eyes are fully open. Arms and legs move in coordinated patterns. I’m ready for action!

Lights! Coffee! Action!*

Now I can greet the day!



*With gratitude to my friend, Rivkah, for coining this phrase!

My “Advice from Nature” calendar encourages us to learn from a Tree:

Stand tall and proud.

Sink your roots into the earth.

Be content with your natural beauty.

Go out on a limb.

Drink plenty of water.

Remember your roots.

Enjoy the view!

♦ ♦ ♦

I can stand tall and proud if I stick to my ethics and beliefs.

By remembering my roots and sinking them into the earth, I stay grounded.

Drinking plenty of water brings out the natural beauty.

Sometimes I go out on a limb when I try a new activity.

And I sure do enjoy the views … beautiful light blue skies with puffy white clouds and striking orange and pink sunsets!