I wanted to dedicate time in my schedule for personal writing—activities that build my writing skills—and simply to enjoy the process of writing.

OK, I had the goal. Now how do I build the time into the schedule? What does this activity look like?

Enter my writing coach, Shifrah Devorah Witt. Shifrah Devorah suggested finding a time, place, space, and a ritual.

Whoa…that sounded a bit overwhelming. I think I’ll quit now!

Not so fast. We broke the process down into manageable parts.


  • look at my high-energy time of day: morning
  • find a time that I won’t be distracted: late morning, by then I’ve completed early morning tasks, checked and responded to emails, and followed up on some network and business activities
  • define the amount of time that I can consistently devote: half hour, with the option of going over if I’m on a roll!
  • add the time slot to my schedule


  • a physical location for the writing practice
  • consistent spot that says, Write Here
  • the position: sitting on an office chair, comfy couch, bean bag, or rocking chair


  • Shifrah Devorah views space differently from place: space is in the mind
  • activities that I turn off so I can focus on writing
  • turn off the phone ringer, access to emails, don’t answer the door


  • engage my senses
  • something physical that says, It’s time to write!
  • options range from prayer/meditation to smelling a specific scent, or perhaps a steaming mug of my favorite coffee or hot chocolate concoction

Wow! I get to have hot chocolate once a day while I write? I’m in!

And so I began…

  • at 11AM
  • using my laptop on my drop-down dark wooden desk
  • with my phone on silent and email program closed
  • a short prayer to write clearly
  • and my hot chocolate

desk for writing practice

♦Interested in a writing coach? Contact Shifrah Devorah via her blog: http://sdwitt.blogspot.com/.