My day in court is coming up – and it’s actually a 10-day court case! What do I need to bring with me? I know I am accountable for my actions. What would I share with the judge to demonstrate I regret the action and plan to improve?

In her dynamic inspiring way, Rebbetzin Lori Palatnik answered this question in today’s webinar, “Here Comes the Judge – The Four Steps to a Great Coming Year” (

Not only am I accountable for my mistakes, I’m also accountable for my achievements! I can and must account for the actions I did correctly AND take pleasure in my progress! Whew – that’s a relief! I can point out to the Judge that I’m a law-abiding citizen!

But what about the mistakes – how will I account for those…and convince the Judge to either dismiss the case or give me a low fine?


S – STOP…making the mistake.

R – REGRET…feel bad about the mistake.

Regret is NOT guilt. Guilt paralyzes us. Regret moves us forward.

V – VERBALIZE…speak to the person and to Hashem (G-d).

For the people I’ve hurt, I need to contact them, state the mistake, and SAY “Please forgive me.”

For the mistakes between me and Hashem, I also state the mistake, ask Hashem to forgive me…and I’m going to ask Hashem to help me improve.

P – Make a PLAN…set up action steps so I won’t make the mistake again.

List the mistakes with a concrete example AND the actions I’ll take to improve.

One of Lori’s examples, and mine: Stop gossiping and to improve, learn the laws of guarding my speech. And I’ll add a prayer – Hashem, please help me learn this consistently!

As part of the preparation, I’ll pray to Hashem for the courage to stop, regret, and verbalize. I’ll have the clarity I need to enter the courtroom. And in the courtroom, before the Judge, I’m sure He’ll decide the case in my favor, in a way that’s best for me … because He sees I’m trying… because He cares… because He loves me.

 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

To paraphrase Lori’s blessing:

May we merit tremendous clarity in the upcoming year. May we be granted to courage to live our clarity!