November 2015

The blank canvas can intimidate; it can also excite. The off-white page invites me to explore color and shade. What color do I start with? Do I paint all the white spaces…or leave some borders or holes? Do I paint deep purple or light shades? Or a combination?


Paint brushes filled with water can glide on the page. Filled with intense color, the brush moves slowly. Do I want the strong concentrated green? Or do I dabble water over the forest green to create a light sea green? Or how about a mixture of both shades and tones in between?


The white space between the colors intrigues me. What does it symbolize? Is it there “just because”? Possibly.


I play with the colors and the water…and enjoy the painting process!

Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5776 (2015)-Leah Henkin


Sky in Geulah

It’s the bluest sky I’d ever seen. The color is sharp, crisp, and clear. Not Marine Blue, Baby Blue, Powder Blue, and not even Sky Blue.

This blue is different. I saw beyond the clouds. I felt a deep inner happiness surrounded by the white wispy clouds, winter-ish sun, and that vibrant sky.

sky over Old City

The sun and sky guided my walks throughout Jerusalem. Some days I walked distances and climbed steps. Other days, I walked the city streets grocery shopping and gift selecting. And I marveled at the blue – Jerusalem Blue.

I miss it!


Photographs © Sherri Leah Henkin 2015