My cell phone has a mind of its own. Some days it says I live in Los Angeles – which happens to be correct. Other days, it changes my location midday to West Hollywood – and I didn’t even travel there! One day it moved me from LA to Monrovia (!!) to West Hollywood…and I never left my apartment! No wonder I was zonked at the end of that day.

There are times when I say “good night” to the cell phone and the readout clearly says “Los Angeles.” When I wake up the next morning, I’m in West Hollywood! Huh? I don’t recall moving during the night? Who packed me up? How come my bedroom looks exactly the same? What street am I on? And the innocent little cell phone just smiles. It’s keeping me on my toes.

But the real fun is when the readout simple says “Current Location.” Great! Where’s that? LA? West Hollywood? Beverly Hills? Or perhaps, La Jolla – it didn’t reset itself right away after I returned from a recent trip.


All this virtual movement got me thinking. Truly, where is “Current Location”? Is it the phone’s way of saying, “Lady, I have no clue – where are you?”

Or, “My dear owner, please decide on a location – and STAY THERE!” IMAG0957

Perhaps the phone simply says, “Ma’am, I’m plumb tuckered out and this is the best I could come up with!”

Or am I supposed to be asking myself…

  • Where am I?
  • Do I even know where I’m located?
  • Is “current location” a synonymous phrase for “living in the moment”?
  • Am I living in the moment?
  • Am I centered…in my current location?
  • Am I grateful for all that I have in the present?

Thank you, cell phone, for teaching me gratitude and centeredness. You really are a smart phone!