I’ve referred to myself here and here as a “glass half full” person. Today I realized that this metaphor does not work for me. The glass isn’t half full – it’s full. And if my glass is full, then I can share the contents with you. When I’m inspired and energized, I pass along those feelings to my audience. As I share the contents of my glass, I can refill it as needed.

I picture myself at a dining room table with guests. I’m holding a large pitcher of water. Being the gracious hostess I am, I stop at each guest, offering to pour them a glass of this thirst-quenching liquid. As I pour the water, naturally there is less in the pitcher. I know where the source is and go back to refill the pitcher so that I can share the contents with my guests.

Knowing the source of the inspiration is the key. Once I have that key, I can make sure that my glass is full.