Recently I had a lunch date with my Dad. This is a rare occurrence since we live about 2,000 miles apart. I treasure these times.

During our conversation, Dad shared some of his boyhood antics on the farm in upstate New York (anyone hear of Voorheesville, NY?). Now, I typically think of my Dad as a practical personal with sound business advice and information to share, based on his varied life experiences. Former VP of a major clothing manufacturer, he is the epitome of a well-organized and no-nonsense kind of guy. He’s often my sounding board to my queries of “How do I make this choice?” or “What do I do next?”

I forget that he was once a teenager. When he described the teenage incident of chasing his cousin around the farm, his eyes lit up. His giggle changed to a chuckle. He clearly enjoyed reliving the incident and sharing it with me. I was surprised – “Dad actually was a bit mischievous (within limits, of course)? Dad did other things on the farm besides the farm jobs? During the Depression, folks had fun?” There was something to learn here.

Lessons learned:

  • Always maintain the boyhood/girlhood sense of youth
  • Continue to have fun during challenging times
  • Share childhood antics with the family – they’ll enjoy them
  • Have lunch dates with older family members

Thanks, Dad!