It’s been rainy, cold, and blustery for the last two days in Cleveland, Ohio. I see dreary grey skies wherever I look. Sounds like “bad weather” huh? That’s what I would have thought – until I read something recently that’s helped me reframe my view. I read that there isn’t any “bad” weather – all weather is good. (And when I find the source, I’ll amend this post!)

Wow! Revolutionary! All weather is good.

  • To the landscaper who just planted new grass – rainy weather is good.
  • For the 2 year-0ld who enjoys puddle-jumping, rain is the best weather.
  • Sun is wonderful – but do we appreciate it when it’s constantly sunny? Maybe not.
  • And what about those vibrant fall colors on the trees? Can’t have those without some cool (ok “nippy”) days.

So today I appreciate the rain – it’s good weather!