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Happy Anniversary to my blog! You’re eight years old!

When I began blogging in 2009, I had just embarked on a new career path. “Life’s transitions and challenges allow opportunities for personal and professional development” (About page). “Throughout my transitions, I learn and grow. And my writing reflects my travel experiences…” (see my initial post) and I set out to record those travel experiences and transitions.

Over the past eight years, I transitioned several times, often travelling paths I didn’t expect. Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken” remains my theme poem; my path was the one less traveled by. In all cases, though, I grew from the experience. And I recorded my experiences and growth, either here, in off-line files, or in published articles. I continue to encourage, empower, and inspire others…and be inspired!

For the creative non-fiction I’ve recorded here, roads diverge again. Do I continue recording on the blog or elsewhere? I choose the more challenging road—that of Published Articles. Although that’s an often-traveled road, it’s a new/developing path for me. And I’m sure that path will make all the difference!

Parting Gift—Multi-Media Collage

My art mentor, Glenna Rosansky, decided it was time to create a collage. I usually create collages from cutout shapes, words, or stickers. That’s not what Glenna had in mind. To warm up, we looked at examples of painted string art, rice paper and torn paper collages. We talked about cool and warm colors.

As Glenna read from Nita Leland’s The New Creative Artist, I picked up a small wide brush and daintily dipped it into a small pool of yellow on my palette. “Creativity is a journey of self-discovery.” I added orange and more water to the yellow and painted broad strokes across the page. “What do I most love to do?” Do joyful activities! I chose bright, sunny, joyful colors.

“When the artist is alive in any person…he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressive creature.” (Robert Henri, The Art Spirit.) I experimented with craft scissors and delicate paper doilies. The shiny gold crinkle paper added depth to the white doily. But where was the purple I usually use? I found some wooden popsicle sticks with abstract purple and blue shapes. I glued the sticks haphazardly to the paper. I pressed the plastic teeth of a comb on the thick green paint to create a windy movement.

I wanted to open the pipes to creativity and blessing, and clear the blockage. I leave you, my readers, with this gift. Continue to write–and paint–about transitions and challenges. It’s all good!

Multi-Media Collage, (c) Sherri Leah Henkin, July 2017

Multi-Media Collage, (c) Sherri Leah Henkin, July 2017




I originally intended this blog to showcase my writing and how I could use the technique to grow. At times I described my life visions and the type of writing I wanted to focus on. All along, I focused on my craft.

In the past year, I learned more about the business of writing. Through online groups, classes, and webinars, I explored ways I could take the craft I love and help others. I’m jazzed when I create content people can use!

Enter a new direction: My business website, Content Clarified! There, I write, develop, build, and edit content.

Come visit Content Clarified. Check out my Services and stay connected!


I plan to continue posting on Growing the Write Way, staying true to the original idea—Musings about Growing through Writing. Thanks for traveling the road with me!

Client work, personal writing, socializing, studying…lots to juggle. My schedule shows back-to-back appointments. Some reminders conflict with appointments. And some tasks don’t even make it to the calendar! Ooops, when can I do laundry?

Which action do I take first?

The true question: What are my priorities today?

I shut off the ringer and close down the email. Breathe. Calmly, I look at my action list and calendar.

  • Let’s get a bit more centered—perhaps some spiritual work. Priority 1.
  • A meeting with Client A that requires prep. How much prep? Determine that and since it’s a meeting, this activity becomes Priority 2.
  • Throw in some socializing or a fun activity. How long? I think I have an hour…at the end of the day. Although I’d like to assign the activity Priority 3, I really need to defer.

And so it goes. I look at the action items and due dates. Have I figured enough time for the activity? I weigh the pros and cons of taking action now or pushing it off. What are the consequences to me if I push off an action? Can I negotiate a due date—even with myself?


I still haven’t learned to juggle real balls in the air. I have learned to juggle proverbial balls and enjoy the process!

Me: What kind of work you like to do?

Client: I’m not sure.

Me: Do you have any favorite hobbies?

Client: Sure—but how can swimming become a job?

Me: Ahh…that’s a challenge. Have you ever dreamed about what work you’d like?

Client: No. Why dream? Isn’t that unrealistic?

Me: No. Dreaming expands our mind. By letting our mind wander, we can creatively brainstorm ideas.

Client: Really?


YES! Long after I wrote Goal Getting, I realized that we need to dream before we identify a goal. Dreams expand our minds; they also spur us to action.

My client might need to make some smaller dreams into goals before she gets to the core goal—what work she wants to do.


Let your mind go—from the practical “I need a job”—to the exotic “I want to vacation in Hawaii every year.”

Ask yourself, “What do I want?” Jot down whatever comes to mind. Let that list sit a day or so. Then…

Pick a Goal

Review your list. Ask yourself:

  • Does an item jump out and say “Yes, do me first!”
  • What common themes or characteristics show up?
  • Could I make a small dream into reality now?
  • What do I enjoy doing?

Pick one item, perhaps a small dream, and start there.

Action Steps

  • What tasks do you take to make this happen?
  • Do you need someone to help with any of the tasks?
  • Add due dates to each task—that will keep you accountable.
  • Create an action list so you can tick off those tasks.

Visualize Success

Visualize what you will look like when you reach the goal.

One of my mentors used to remind me to “Keep your eye on the prize!”

  • type up the goal in colorful creative fonts OR
  • hand-write the goal using vibrant markers
  • post the page so it’s in front of you—in your workspace, kitchen, den…

Create a Visions Poster visions poster

  • gather magazines
  • cut out pictures that are colorful, match your dreams and goals visions poster section
  • choose a cool colored poster board–or settle for plain white
  • glue the pictures to the poster
  • hang the poster in a prominent place (I use my fridge!)

Celebrate Success!

  • join with friends or family for a festive event

What action steps do you take to create your vision?


Photos © Sherri Leah Henkin 2016

We removed the post. See the new article on the Content Clarified website.

On March 30, 2016, Jeff Goins conducted a dynamite presentation: How to Get 10K Fans, Publish a Book, and Make $100,000…in 18 Months! Jeff walked us through four basic steps he took to get to his milestone:

Step 1. Find your voice.

Step 2. Write for a worldview.

Step 3. Find what resonates with you.

Step 4. Getting Paid

All steps are important, yet the one that grabbed me was Step 2. What’s my worldview? How do I want to reach my audience?

Jeff outlined five categories that aren’t mutually exclusive. However, he said that we’ll lean toward one more than the others. To figure out our worldview, Jeff suggested we examine the type of actions we enjoy.

♦Are you curious? Do you ask a lot of questions? Are you fascinated by other people’s stories? Do you enjoy bringing back the data to your audience?

→You might be a Journalist.

♦Do you have a bone to pick? Are you able to stand up for the truth regardless of what your audience fires back at you?

→You might be a Prophet.

♦Are you creative? Do you have an eye for beauty? Do you see events in a unique way?

→You might be the Artist.

♦Do you have a thirst for knowledge? Would you enjoy presenting data/hard facts? Do you enjoy taking complex things and making them simple?

→You might be a Professor.

♦Are you an extrovert? Is your attitude, “If I can do it, then you can do it”?

→You might be a Star.

Jeff’s guidance:

♦pick one type

♦write from that point for 30 days

♦re-evaluate after 30 days

Exploring my worldview enlightened me to what I value most. Of course I’m curious and am fascinated by people’ stories. And I relish making the complex simple. But when I think serious about what gets me going, it’s when I can present information in a unique way. I enjoy my writing when describe a standard subject from a new dimension…the Artist!

Jeff’s charge to writers: “If you have an idea that you want the world to hear, you no longer have the excuse that no one will let you.”

→What ideas do you want the world to hear? What’s your worldview?


To learn more about this webinar or Jeff’s publications and podcast, visit

I wanted to dedicate time in my schedule for personal writing—activities that build my writing skills—and simply to enjoy the process of writing.

OK, I had the goal. Now how do I build the time into the schedule? What does this activity look like?

Enter my writing coach, Shifrah Devorah Witt. Shifrah Devorah suggested finding a time, place, space, and a ritual.

Whoa…that sounded a bit overwhelming. I think I’ll quit now!

Not so fast. We broke the process down into manageable parts.


  • look at my high-energy time of day: morning
  • find a time that I won’t be distracted: late morning, by then I’ve completed early morning tasks, checked and responded to emails, and followed up on some network and business activities
  • define the amount of time that I can consistently devote: half hour, with the option of going over if I’m on a roll!
  • add the time slot to my schedule


  • a physical location for the writing practice
  • consistent spot that says, Write Here
  • the position: sitting on an office chair, comfy couch, bean bag, or rocking chair


  • Shifrah Devorah views space differently from place: space is in the mind
  • activities that I turn off so I can focus on writing
  • turn off the phone ringer, access to emails, don’t answer the door


  • engage my senses
  • something physical that says, It’s time to write!
  • options range from prayer/meditation to smelling a specific scent, or perhaps a steaming mug of my favorite coffee or hot chocolate concoction

Wow! I get to have hot chocolate once a day while I write? I’m in!

And so I began…

  • at 11AM
  • using my laptop on my drop-down dark wooden desk
  • with my phone on silent and email program closed
  • a short prayer to write clearly
  • and my hot chocolate

desk for writing practice

♦Interested in a writing coach? Contact Shifrah Devorah via her blog:

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