What’s a non-post?

My definition: A post that’s not a post. Text on a blog that says I don’t feel creative today. No witty or interesting subject comes to mind. And can include a photo that does not match the subject.

In reality, there’s been great stuff going on. My journey has taken some interesting turns and at times has been at 70 miles an hour…a bit fast for me, yet I’m keeping up! Yet there are times when I feel that I must move back down to 55 miles per hour and pay closer attention to the road. Like now. I’m slowing down to watch the scenery–there are some mighty pretty sights out there! And I’m slowing down long enough to figure out what I need to take along on the journey.

Stay on the beam in 2014!


©Sherri Henkin – Photo at Saguaro National Forest, Tucson, AZ