Packing for a Trip

Sandy Lim discusses on-point packing tips. Use layered clothing, go digital, and “Buy what you need when you get there.” Great stuff! Like Sandy, I prefer to pack light when I travel.

When I prepare for a trip, I prioritize what goes into that suitcase and hopefully I pack what’s important to me. Sometimes, like Sandy, “I’ve gone on two-day trips with a week’s worth of clothes and shoes I didn’t end up wearing.” I didn’t think carefully about what I needed. I didn’t always pack light.

Life’s Suitcase

On life’s journey, I also pack a suitcase. This one, though, isn’t a physical item that contains things. Instead of clothes, books, and toiletries, the Life Suitcase contains experiences and feelings. I’m still in charge of what I pack; yet like the overstuffed weekender, I may not prioritize the contents. I pack contents as they come my way, haphazardly tossing them into the case. Do they fit? I don’t stop to think. Do I need these for this trip? I don’t think about that either.

And suddenly, or so it seemed, I discovered I lugged around a heavy steamer trunk. One day I stopped because I simply couldn’t lug that cumbersome trunk another step.

  • What have I got in here?
  • What do I really need?

Packing Life’s Suitcase

As I evaluated and prioritized the contents, I began to take charge of what’s inside the Life Suitcase. I tossed what I no longer needed. I recycled what I could. And I ended up with only what’s important to me for my journey. Instead of that weighty steamer trunk, I have a sleek, light-weight case. My suitcases now—physical and virtual—accurately reflects what I need for the trip.


Is it time for a suitcase inventory? What’s in your suitcase?