On March 30, 2016, Jeff Goins conducted a dynamite presentation: How to Get 10K Fans, Publish a Book, and Make $100,000…in 18 Months! Jeff walked us through four basic steps he took to get to his milestone:

Step 1. Find your voice.

Step 2. Write for a worldview.

Step 3. Find what resonates with you.

Step 4. Getting Paid

All steps are important, yet the one that grabbed me was Step 2. What’s my worldview? How do I want to reach my audience?

Jeff outlined five categories that aren’t mutually exclusive. However, he said that we’ll lean toward one more than the others. To figure out our worldview, Jeff suggested we examine the type of actions we enjoy.

♦Are you curious? Do you ask a lot of questions? Are you fascinated by other people’s stories? Do you enjoy bringing back the data to your audience?

→You might be a Journalist.

♦Do you have a bone to pick? Are you able to stand up for the truth regardless of what your audience fires back at you?

→You might be a Prophet.

♦Are you creative? Do you have an eye for beauty? Do you see events in a unique way?

→You might be the Artist.

♦Do you have a thirst for knowledge? Would you enjoy presenting data/hard facts? Do you enjoy taking complex things and making them simple?

→You might be a Professor.

♦Are you an extrovert? Is your attitude, “If I can do it, then you can do it”?

→You might be a Star.

Jeff’s guidance:

♦pick one type

♦write from that point for 30 days

♦re-evaluate after 30 days

Exploring my worldview enlightened me to what I value most. Of course I’m curious and am fascinated by people’ stories. And I relish making the complex simple. But when I think serious about what gets me going, it’s when I can present information in a unique way. I enjoy my writing when describe a standard subject from a new dimension…the Artist!

Jeff’s charge to writers: “If you have an idea that you want the world to hear, you no longer have the excuse that no one will let you.”

→What ideas do you want the world to hear? What’s your worldview?


To learn more about this webinar or Jeff’s publications and podcast, visit http://goinswriter.com/.