I upgraded my telephone recently; quite an adventure! I couldn’t find my favorite apps or icons. After a successful treasure hunt, I located the calendar, notes, and calculator. I even found the alarm clock and camera icons!

And with the instruction from the patient in-store rep, I learned how to find a contact, make a call, and use the speaker feature.

The tones, though, posed a problem. I heard odd twanging and thought it was someone else’s phone until the rep pointed out that the sound came from my phone.

Can I change that tone? I wondered.

“Of course,” Sir Phone Rep said. “What would you like?”

“Something easy. Some tone I’ll recognize as my ring.”

The rep showed me how to find the tones and select an option. I heard lovely outdoor bird calls and cheerful tunes; there were about 20 choices. And that was only for the ringtones! There were another 15-20 choices for notification sounds! YIKES!

How could I choose?

In the Notification Options, I saw a tone labeled Good News. YES! Whatever the notification was, I wanted to hear it was Good News! I settled on Sparkling Melody for the ringtone. The tones made me smile.

This got me thinking. Perhaps phone tones could work like positive affirmations. When I use a positive affirmation, I feel upbeat and confident. When I hear these new ringtones, I respond the same way.

Whatever comes over the wires is sparkling news…and it’s all good!