It’s winter. Days end early and it’s dark blue-black by 6 PM. It feels like 10 PM. And even if the moon glows in the sky, it’s not for very long. The darkness lasts for many hours.

The heavy blackness weighs on me. I can’t see the end. The darkest day of the year is the day before Chanukah.

In the middle of this bleak, somber time, we kindle a simple wick. A small yellow-blue flame rises. With the oil feeding the wick, the flame burns for several hours…dispelling the long night. The flame gives me hope. Possibilities will open, and I can begin to move forward.

The journey out of the darkness starts with this small steady light-Chanukah - blog


With gratitude to Reb. Tzipora Harris and her Clarity seminars for explaining these ideas.