When my grandmother passed away 10 years ago, we found her recipes in a couple of small boxes. I saw complex pastry recipes, broiled fish dinners, and multiple chicken options. I came across the yummy roasts that she made – and saw a little girl sitting at a long holiday table, surrounded by family.

I’m still searching for her chocolate-chocolate brownies with nuts and chocolate chips recipe…I think she made that one up and never wrote it down! What a favorite treat – we enjoyed the frozen brownies even more than the defrosted ones! I remember asking my grandfather how he controlled himself, never eating these desserts from the freezer.

“Why would I just take them from the freezer?”

“’Cuz they’re delicious!”

“But they’re for company. When company comes, I’ll have one.”

Such control!

My grandmother wrote some recipes on note paper in light pencil. And the date on the notepaper? 1924! I imagined my grandmother (then in her early 20s) sitting in the kitchen in New Haven. As they chatted, perhaps, my grandmother watched her mother prepare and carefully and wrote down the ingredients and process. I suspect there wasn’t an electric mixer. I’m not even sure my great-grandmother used a measuring cup!

In case you’re in the mood for Ma’s Tagalach*, here’s the recipe!

Ma's Tagalach (Family Recipe)

Ma’s Tagalach (Family Recipe)

*Tagalach is also spelled teiglach and several other ways. It’s a dessert from rolled baked dough dipped in a honey-sugary sauce with nuts. Calories and cholesterol galore…well worth the splurge!