And the answer…CALL THE PLUMBER!

I woke up to a sunny, warm California day. No June Gloom this morning (June Gloom = overcast early morning skies). It’s going to be a great day!

All dressed and ready to roll, I had to make a stop before I began my energizing treadmill walk. I got energized another way due to an overflowing restroom issue in the apartment. Arrggghhh! I’ve been meaning to buy a plunger and hadn’t gotten around to it. No time like the present!

So off I went, via car, to the local hardware store to buy myself a present. Armed with my sturdy plunger – the one the associate said is “tried and true” I confidently drove home. Up in the apartment I asked Hashem (G-d) to unblock all blockages – physical and metaphysical. And proceeded to do my plumbing duties.

Let’s just say that I used up all my heavy duty, oversized bath towels, and my not-so-heavy-duty undersized patience.

I called the manager. I texted the manager. And I emailed her. It was Sunday — I wanted to cover all forms of communication. And then I left for dryer quarters…and a usable restroom.

So much for the energizing treadmill walk. I also put off computer activities, and de-cluttering.

Several calls and 5 hours later, the plumber came with the perfect tool and in 5 minutes the restroom was usable – almost. Now it was time for the cleanup crew: Swiffer, rags, spray, and, of course the Head Honcho…me.

What did I learn?

  • Not all plungers are created equal.
  • If it looks like it’s “bigger than a breadbox” – too big to handle – it is!
  • Call the cavalry (friends, family) – which I did!
  • Call in the experts.
  • Be grateful that there are experts!

And go for a walk in a park with nice public facilities!