I wanted to use the entire page and paint broad, graceful brush strokes.

But of what? What colors? What scene?

Nothing came to mind. So Glenna and I mined the photos and pictures in her studio. I looked at colors – some bold and striking, some muted pastels, and others were dark browns/black. I saw shapes, designs, abstracts of natural forms, and photographs of ocean scenes. We even found Arthur Dove’s paintings of George Gershwin’s music in abstract! Now that was playfully fun!

I wasn’t going to paint music…not just yet.

I wanted muted color. I wanted ocean and sky…and a little beach. And possibly try a new technique. With a broad brush, and of course purple, I began painting sky. Soft, wispy cloud-like sky. Adding water to the paint softened the color, making some of it transparent.

Relaxing a bit, and feeling a bit adventurous, I looked for orange. But what shade of orange? Not ORANGE, but orange…quiet, subtle orange; an orange that would mix gently with the purple.

Feeling bolder still, and playful, I added arch-like strokes – reaching upward toward the heavens. And then blended the orange with a pastel yellow. The flowing wispy colors opened my lungs; I could breathe now.

Moving down the page, on a low horizon line, I found the ocean. Blue – aquamarine blue – with gentle waves. And as the water reached the brown beach, the waves kicked up a bit. White crests against the blue and brown.

Wispy strokes created soft sky and ocean breezes.

Anyone for a walk along my beach?

ocean and sky 02242015