Water flows gently from the fountain outside the studio window. Methodically, rhythmically the water cascades down the fountain. Inside mirrors the calmness I hear outside. I’m surrounded by vibrant paintings of red and deep pink flowers, boats with white sails on blue-purple waves, and blue-green ocean views.

I want to paint the ocean…but not an exact replica of the ocean. I envision blue, teal, aqua, and light versions of those colors. I want the calm and cool, soothing blue and greens.

So I begin to paint. Tentatively experimenting with a blue-green, I add more water to see the effect. The color turns light blue. When I leave the brush on a spot, that spot turns dark. I’m fascinated by the effect of water on the color, on the page.

I relax. The boxes aren’t perfect shapes…they are perfect colors. My mind wanders to the ocean and my brush paints arching strokes like big waves. The experiment is perfectly relaxing.


Before my Dad passed away, I had started the painting lessons and shared that new venture with him. He told me about a cousin we had who was an artist. Dad always tried to connect the current event with some event from the past. This was a cousin I’d never heard of who had come from Europe during WWII. Through art, I learned a new piece of family history. Dad smiled while we chatted – that encouraging broad smile.

Dad – this one, inspired by the ocean – is for you!

watercolor-ocean inspiration


Yoel Meir ben Simcha, may these words be a merit for the elevation of your soul.


And with gratitude to my instructor, Glenna Rosansky – See us at GloriaArtStudio @ Etsy.com