Today was one of those days that lots went not the way I would have liked it.

  • Woke up late.
  • Consequently, didn’t get to write in the quiet early morning; no early morning check-in with myself.
  • Dumped half the cereal from the bowl the floor (gratefully, that was before I added the milk).
  • Spilled the portion of peanut butter on the counter instead of into a bowl.
  • Took too long to drink my coffee, so it got cold.
  • Confused about work assignments.
  • Went to the local grocery store and forgot what I needed.
  • Somehow muddled through the rest of the day without major catastrophes, typos, or hurting anyone.

So here I am at almost the end of “one of those days”, all these hours later, I have a different perspective.

  • I woke up late which means I have a comfy bed to sleep in and a roof over my head.
  • I’m writing now; it’s a late night check-in instead of an early morning meeting with myself – so what?
  • Dumping my cereal and spilling the peanut butter mean I had food to eat! (I ate my lunch and dinner very neatly, thank you!)
  • Cold coffee for half the cup means it was hot for the first half of the cup!
  • Confused at work? That means I have a job, for which I’m grateful – I can save some of the income, pay my living expenses, and even use some of it for fun activities.
  • So I bought some things I didn’t need at the grocery store! Not a big deal – I still bought healthy items. (I walked right by the chips!)
  • No catastrophes – even minor ones – is a cause for celebration!

What a great day it was! I’m grateful for the little things and the wonderful friends and family in my life!


Yoel Meir ben Simcha – may these words help elevate your neshama (soul).