I found the ideal suitcase a few months ago-it weighs 4 pounds! I fit all the necessary belongings in it-and even had room for “un-necessities”! The bonus? It was easy to push and lift. I breezily walked through the airport.

Now that I had found the perfect suitcase, could I find a matching carry-on? Yep! My pint sized carry-on weighs 3 pounds! Fully-packed, I lift it with one hand! The wonder of light-ness, as I cheerfully set it into the small overhead compartment!


…the way I like to travel.

My history is fully-packed with interesting events. To carry these packages, do I really need a black 30-pound suitcase? Or will a 4-pound neon pink case do the job? Do I really need boring, drab luggage? Or would a colorful, compact piece be more fun?

The color encourages me to smile. The weightless case lightens my step. And knowing I cannot pack everything, I carefully select contents.

I travel light!

Pint-sized carry-on rolling down the road!

©Photo by Sherri Henkin; suitcase picture from Amazon.com