I placed the short circular white candle on the hexagonal mirrored base. The base and candle sat in the center of the smooth light brown wood table.

I’m ready for my job, the candle seemed to say.

The mirror reflected the candle gently. Although the scene looked complete, something was missing.

Hmm…where’s the placard? I looked for the laminated card with the sky blue background and clear block letters. It’s the placard that reminds me that all the activities I do today should bring merit to Herschel’s soul.

I lit the candle and watched. The flame flickered, unsure of what to do. Slowly, the fire melted the wax on the wick and the flame rose. The gentle white yellow light pointed up, straight and tall. I felt peaceful watching the flame.

The flame always points upward – like the soul that wants to rise to great heights.

May this candle be a merit for the elevation of the soul of Herschel Avraham ben (son of) Simcha Yosef on his third yahrzeit (anniversary of his passing). [5 Kislev 5773]