Recently I had to call someone I hadn’t spoken to in at least 15 years. We needed some advice and I knew she was the right address. With trepidation, I called her number. Would she answer? Would she remember me?

I shouldn’t have been concerned. The excitement in her voice was contagious – we were thrilled to be reconnected. We caught up on each other’s front page news – and there were some shocking news stories!

I can’t believe we’re in the same life situation! I wonder if she’ll want to get together.

Before I could ask that question out, my friend suggested meeting for coffee.

A week later, I entered her home – it felt so comfortable and familiar. Had it really been 15 years? We greeted each other with warm hugs and huge smiles. How relaxing to be in the company of a long-time friend!

We delved deeper into those news stories. We laughed at our foibles – and those of others! We explored our feelings about widowhood. We traded stories of how we got here and how we’re managing. And discovered we’re not just managing, we’re thriving.

We discussed where we’re headed. And now we can do that together.

Reconnecting with a long-time friend…what a gift!