In memoriam – Baruch ben Dovid (1927-2012)

Bernie Arshenovitz passed away this week in Cleveland, Ohio. My connection had been through Herschel; Bernie was our beloved Uncle Bunny. To other family members he was “Papa.” To extended family, he was “Uncle Bernie.” To all of us, he was a symbol of strength. He encouraged all of us to be responsible for our actions and to grow.

At the funeral, one of the speakers quoted Uncle Bunny’s credo. We all saw this plaque whenever we entered his home.

We are the sum total of our experiences. We are responsible for the circumstances that confront us, these being our choices – or our failure to choose. If we hold ourselves accountable, we can then turn our liabilities and limitations into strengths and effective alternatives.

Choose. Take responsibility for that choice. Grow.

For me, this is Uncle Bunny’s legacy.