In Connecticut, it was clearly fall when the trees were full of red, orange and yellow leaves lined the streets and nearby highways – like the Merritt Parkway. Crisp, sunny days conjure up memories of crunchy Macintosh apples, sweet, thick apple cider, hot chocolate, and football games.

We have crisp sunny days in Los Angeles – and I still have Macintosh apples. However, I’ve replaced the football games with … time at the beach! A bit too chilly for swimming (even for this former member of the Polar Bear Club), yet the day was perfect for walking. It was …

As soon as the sea salt reached my nose, I was about eight years old and walking along the beach, looking at Long Island Sound. Not as dramatic as the Pacific Ocean but just as pretty. Refreshed – and back in the present – I continued walking along the bike path, watching the sailboats maneuver up the Pacific coast. I welcomed the warmth from the sun as I zippered up my jacket to protect me from the wind.

I looked up at the cliff across from me to find the steps that would lead me back to the parking lot above.

Ooohh…that’s so high up! How will I climb back up, I thought.

Well, you should have thought about that on the way down! The Other Voice said.

I did and decided I’d just do it.

Good luck, dear! The Other Voice responded. (This is the negative Voice.)

Well, I showed The Other Voice up! I climbed those steps, slowly, but just fine! Quite the workout!