Did you ever fight that negative voice? I’ve fought it many times, but recently I waged a full-blown battle.

It was an overcast, cool morning and I was on vacation. No pressing reason to jump out of bed. Yet, there was no reason to stay supine. I felt rested and had energy. That’s when the battle began. First, it was a small voice, “You’re tired. You’ve worked hard. Stay in bed and relax.”

I countered, “I’m rested. It’s a nice cool day. It’s time to get up and greet it.”

“Why,” the voice asked, raising itself a few notches. “You’ve been saying how tired you are. Relax.”

“I can relax after I’m up and moving,” I responded. “It’s nice a cool – a great time of day for a walk.”

“What?!! A walk!” the voice yelled.  “But your foot hurts. How are you going to walk? Stay in and rest up!”

“I’ll walk slowly,” I calmly and firmly responded. “I want to move around. And if I’m tired, or my foot hurts too much, I can rest it later.”

I started to sit up and something pushed me down.

“Don’t you push me!” I retorted. And I quickly, deftly dodged the next push as I jumped out of bed.

And you know what? My foot didn’t hurt any more. The walk was lovely. I enjoyed crunching some of the early colorful leaves on the ground and breathing the cool, crisp air.

And I wasn’t tired. One battle won!