What’s in a toolbox? Typically, there are tools and accessories needed to complete a job. Carpenters have hammers, nails, angles, screwdrivers and maybe wood glue. Homeowners – and apartment renters – have a hammer, some nails, picture-hanging equipment, screwdrivers, and maybe a small flashlight. It’s best to have quality items in the toolbox.

What could be in an “interview toolbox”? A resume, portfolio, interviewer(s) name(s), and directions to the interview (in case the GPS malfunctions). What kind of resume? What does the portfolio look like? What’s the quality of the work in the portfolio?

Jack Molisani answered these questions at a recent LASTC meeting. He sparked discussion, encouraged us to think “outside the box,” and awarded us with mint-flavored chocolates! A winning presentation!

What’s a resume?

The audience volunteered many definitions – and received chocolate in return.

The Jack Molisani Definition:

“It’s a vehicle that shows whether or not you match what the reader is looking for.” The resume needs to match the job requirements. “Ensure your resume is FBC – Fully Buzzword Compliant.”

What’s a portfolio?

Jack showcased his portfolio: “A tool that shows I’m an expert in my field to the level I’ve been trained.” Include:

  • Resume (the one that matches what the interviewer is looking for)
  • Document Plan or Project Plan
  • Short sample of work – preferably the sample from the document/project plan
  • Samples of items we’ve documented and use “colors that pop”
  • Articles we’ve written
  • Articles that quote us
  • End with pizzazz: a sample that shows how you made order out of chaos!

What brand of portfolio tool should we use? Jack suggested:

  • Use classy leather or faux leather portfolio
  • Clear page protectors
  • Consider not labeling tabs

Jack explained that we use these tools during an interview to walk the interviewers down a path that leads to the next steps (preferably a job offer).

My take-aways

  • Inventory my Interview Toolbox.
  • If my toolbox is low on supplies, go get the tools.
  • Make sure I use quality tools.

What’s in your Interview Toolbox?

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Thank you, Jack, for sharing your tools, your time, and for inspiring us!

 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Jack’s LavaCon Conference is coming up – details are here: http://lavacon.org/.