This is your blog host on location in New York, with a personal account of Hurricane Irene.

The rain began yesterday, lightly at first. Then we had a torrential downpour for about 30 minutes. Then all action stopped. The air was humid and thick. My steps were slow and heavy; it was almost as difficult as walking through snow drifts. Walking two blocks knocked the wind out of me and I headed for the air conditioned, dry indoors.

During the late afternoon, Irene showed her strength. Trees swayed quickly back and forth and the rain came down in sheets. In the midst of all the outside activity, we gathered around the table for supper. With great food and wonderful warm company, we forgot about the hurricane. Instead, inside jokes rained! Belly laughs abounded at the silliest comments. Hurray for humor!

Late at night, I walked back to my guest accommodations. Green leaves and some twigs had already fallen. I played hopscotch over the puddles and arrived safely.

The rain pounded constantly all night. I woke up at one point and looked outside – the street lights were still visible. By early morning, the rain subsided and the wind quieted to a gentle breeze. I cautiously stepped outside. I enjoyed a walk to the restaurant to meet a cousin. It was even dry, safe and cool enough to walk a distance to see some friends. What a pleasure to move!

However, not all of the areas were so fortunate. There are folks without power. A friend reported a tree blocked her front door. There are flooded streets and highways.

I may think I have some control over my life. I may think, “I have my days planned. I’m all set.” The hurricane reminded me that there’s a power that’s much stronger than me in charge. I’m grateful for the reminder.