It was a dark, dark night. The moon was up in the sky, but not visible. The clouds hid the stars. All the house lights and city lights were out – courtesy of the latest “black out.” The night was still, except for an occasional car, moving slowly, quietly down the street. Even the crickets were quiet. The heat was oppressive; the air was thick. I was alone in the house. All I could do was lie completely still in my bed. My head began to hurt from the heat and lack of air. “How will I get through this night?” Tossing in bed, I tried to get comfortable. All that turning was tiring, and I perspired greatly from the effort.

Suddenly, outside my bedroom window, I heard an ear-splitting, almost deafening, machine noise. My heart practically jumped through my chest. “Where’s the enemy? Who’s attacking? What do I do all by myself?” Without thinking, I bolted out of bed toward the window (I have no idea how I moved so fast). There, by the light of over-sized flashlights, I saw the source of this piercing noise – an alternative generator!