“R&R.” For the military, that’s “rest and recreation.” For us civilians, R&R is “rest and relaxation.” Either way, resting helps clear the cobwebs. And the best way for me to get R&R is in a natural setting. I can breathe in fresh air, breathe out the junk and view amazing natural sites! Sometimes I take a long trek to a natural park. Other times, I can simply drive 30-40 minutes outside a city and – voila! – I’m surrounded by verdant trees, grass, and rich colorful flowers.

Last week, a friend and I headed out of the city to Charmlee Wilderness Park in the Santa Monica Mountains. What a perfect name for the park – “Charmlee” – as it was truly charming. We were charmed by vibrant colors of the wildflowers and mountains on one side and stunned by incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. To intrigue us, the clouds looked like snow on the mountains!


I rested and relaxed…and enjoyed the trip.

Where are your favorite places for R&R?