Sounds pretty boring, huh? What could be exciting and interesting about a printer stand? I have a printer and I put it on a stand. Big deal. Well, it IS a big deal. I’d been shopping for the ultimate, perfect, eye-pleasing, and reasonably-priced printer stand. I wanted a piece of furniture that was functional and nice wood tones. And, I didn’t want one of those “do-it-yourself” pieces. I’m not the “do-it-yourself” type. I’ve tried and something always gets screwed on backwards or sideways.

I set some impossible goals and I was determined to achieve them.

I returned home after another frustrating shopping trip. I had lots of energy and began cleaning up my room, filing all sorts of papers, dusting, moving this piece here and that small piece there, and organizing the shelves on my brown wooden bookcase. Suddenly there was a blank shelf.

“Hmmm….I wonder if the printer would fit there.”

I measured the printer; I measured the shelf. The measurements matched. The cord reached the electrical outlet easily. And the drop-down desk is perfect for my laptop. The bookshelf is dark brown wood. It’s sturdy. The price fit exactly into my spending plan ($0.00). And the piece came all assembled! The ultimate printer stand.