Rosally Saltsman took on a daunting task – record her challenges with money and how overcoming them could help others. She succeeded. Her book is a wonderful combination of spiritual and non-spiritual inspiration. She draws inspiration from ancient sources, such as Proverbs, and relatively modern sources (e.g. Theodore Roosevelt, p. 13 of her book).

Rosally’s focus is managing money. I found the book really about managing our life’s struggles and growing from them. On page 8, she writes, “Every struggle is full of meaning and all meaning makes life all the richer. Wealth is not determined by how much money you have but by how much knowledge you have.” Her optimistic outlook is refreshing. Using affirmations helps us think positive and keeps us focused on our goals.

At the end of her book, Rosally reminds us that, “More than anything else, belief in yourself is the most important factor of this whole equation. To know that you can take the challenge, and rise above it, step by step, cent by cent, dollar by dollar, commitment by commitment. That’s the key.” Whether we’re money-challenged, or have other challenges in our lives, belief in ourselves is the key. Then we can take on that challenge and, indeed, rise above it.

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