I spoke with some writer colleagues over the weekend. Our common challenge is finding time to write. Each of us writes for a different audience and at various frequencies. We have many varied commitments in our daily lives. Yet, we each want to write regularly.

A few years ago, I wrote every weekday morning for ten minutes. I called it my free-flow writing exercise, modeled after Julia Cameron’s morning pages. I exercised my writing muscles, my brain started working, and my energy began to flow – think, “Start your engines!” And my engine revved up for the day! And there was a side benefit: I developed the beginnings of several short pieces from the free-flow writing.

My work schedule changed suddenly, and I wrote at random times. Some days, it was the morning. Some days, I wrote in the evenings. And then there were stretches of weeks where I ignored the pen and paper (or, more correctly, the computer) completely. I realized recently that I miss the starting my day with writing. My current morning schedule is so hectic – where can I find the time?

The search for writing time is on!