One of my favorite motivational phrases is “Keep your eye on the prize.” I’ve chosen a goal, taken action steps and then some event comes along and threatens to de-rail me. Or, in some cases, I actually go off course. I lose focus, take a wrong turn, and end up on some path that takes me far away from my destination.

Several years ago, I had a certain goal. Wendy was my mentor and my writing partner at work, and I shared the goal with her.

Enthusiastically, she said, “Go for it! This is do-able!”

“Really? But how? Where do I start?”

Wendy and others helped me map out the path. More than once, there were roadblocks. And one time, there were serious financial challenges that threatened the entire process. I didn’t know how I would overcome them.

Wendy continued to encourage me. “OK. Let’s work these through, and remember, ‘Keep your eye on the prize.’”

My goal was a prize. I like prizes! It’s exciting to win and the prize itself is fun. Now the goal took on a different meaning. It would be a prize for successfully handling whatever challenges came toward me.

The result? I won the prize!

Got a goal – I mean “prize”? Keep your eye on that prize!