OK. It’s the beginning of a new week. Clean the slate. Clean the desk (really?). Start fresh. Besides sleeping, eating, and work, there must be something exciting to focus on! (Not that work’s not exciting…)

What do I focus on this week?

  1. Housecleaning? Productive, but boring.
  2. Cleaning out last year’s financial files? Ditto #1 above.
  3. Shopping for new clothes? Expensive, time-consuming, and I don’t find this fun! (Hmm…”fun” – maybe that’s a clue for me…focus on something that’s fun for me!)
  4. Reading? Can be fun. Doesn’t always excite me.
  5. Writing? How? What? Where do I start?
  • Take a paper and my favorite purple pen and just start writing.
  • Enter a post on my long-neglected blog!
  • Write a story…or at least some lines.
  • Write something funny.
  • Just Write!

Hey! My heart rate is up after writing this list! I’m smiling. And I feel like dancing! Then that’s it! My focus for the week – my writing.

And I did start this blog post with paper and my purple pen:

What's this week's focus?