I am living in a smaller space than I had lived in for the past several years. I sold or gave away furniture, jewelry, clothes, cleaning supplies, and various items I cannot categorize.

So am I down-sizing or am I right-sizing? “Down-sizing” sounds so…well, down! I’ve been down-sized at work, when the employer eliminated a department. That was depressing. I don’t feel depressed now. Actually, I feel lighter than I’ve felt in a long time.

When I decide I don’t need something (or my friends who help me sort decide I don’t need a certain item), I choose whether to sell the piece or give it away. And I end up with just the articles of clothing or pieces of furniture I can readily use. This process doesn’t sound so down.

Maybe I’m “right-sizing” my life. I have just the space I can use well. My favorite furniture, clothes, and pictures surround me. When I enter my home, I see the end table with the customized hand-painted beach scene (courtesy of Eileen in Burton, OH).

Or, I get to relax in my hand-painted rocking chair – and that perks me up! And I am happy to share my former possessions with others who could use them. This process sounds upbeat and…well, right.

Yep, I am gratefully right-sizing my life.