I stopped into the neighborhood Starbucks this morning to treat myself to a cup of drip coffee that someone else brewed for me. The barista let me know that they were brewing Anniversary Blend and a house blend this morning. In a knee-jerk reaction, I said, “Anniversary Blend.” Today, Labor Day/September 6, would have been my sixth wedding anniversary. I celebrated, along with Starbucks, and enjoyed the Anniversary Blend.

And as I enjoyed the hot jolting drink, I thought: Is this an Anniversary Blend or a blend of anniversaries? What’s an anniversary? Commemorating an event. To me, “blend” connotes mixing together, intermingling, or combining ideas, concepts, people, or in this case, events. Throughout the summer, I marked anniversaries in my relationship with Herschel – all from 2004. Our our first phone conversation was in June. Herschel had proposed (and I had accepted) in July. And now, our marriage. Definitely a blend of anniversaries.

Yet this summer was another type of anniversary. It was (and is) the beginning of a new segment of my life – my life without Herschel. I returned to my adult home town to rebuild my life and celebrated that return with family and friends. Along with the return, came a new career direction. And as I celebrated my wedding anniversary today, I searched for new home.

Anniversary Blend or a blend of anniversaries? Both.

Happy Anniversary!