We read about it often – grow our network virtually by meeting people online. By connecting with others in different areas of the country – or the world – we can meet new people and garner new projects.

There’s another benefit. Different time zones allow us to connect with our network and support system almost 24 hours a day (depending upon where they live). Personally, I don’t want to work 24/7 – I strive for balance. Yet there are times when I do want to chat with someone at an odd hour – say midnight my time. That’s what happened last week. 

It was midnight and I couldn’t sleep. Reading, relaxing, and yoga breathing didn’t work. Who could I call at midnight? I have friends overseas and it’s morning there. I tried a few – no one was home. Oh well; I tried breathing again. Didn’t work.

Wait! Maybe my friend in Hawaii is still awake? She was! We caught up on each other’s lives and exchanged ideas. She provided the much-needed support I sought. After an hour’s conversation, I relaxed and was ready for sleep. What a gift to have a support people in different time zones!