During a recent exam, the chiropractor re-aligned my spine. Pressing ever so slightly, she gently maneuvered some of the vertebrae along the spine back into alignment.  At one point, the doc pushed on a muscle while I straightened my leg, and “click,” another out-of-place part snapped (literally) back into place. Miraculously, I moved freely and felt lighter than when I had entered the office.

Hmmm, I thought, by pressing, pushing just the right spots, we re-aligned my spine. What’s the larger lesson here?

Re-aligning the spine is similar to re-aligning priorities. I had a “to do” list, composed of calls, emails, errands, and social engagements. Is shopping for the candy bar truly top priority? Which emails are most important? What happens when I’m double-booked – what appointment takes priority? Everything felt out of whack.

Press a little here – look at the list. What’s really important on a specific day? Move this item up and that project down the list. Write the thank you note to the interviewer is a priority. I can email my friend later in the day.

Make it easy to maneuver the list. The parts snap into place. I feel lighter already!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

This post belatedly marks the blog’s anniversary. My blog debuted July 15, 2009, wherein I planned to explore changes, challenges, transitions, and travels. It’s been quite the year – full of major personal transitions that led to changes, challenges, and travels. Thank you for travelling with me!