I moved to Cleveland, Ohio in the Fall of 2004. Knowing only a handful of people and nothing about the area (except that it snows a lot in the winter), how was I going to find employment? The concept of networking for employment was new to me. Since I knew so few people, just how was I going to build a career network?

I started close to home: my husband introduced me to his uncle who actively advised career seekers. Uncle introduced me to another person, who gave me several colleagues to contact. A couple of colleagues shared some of their colleagues’ names and a job-seeker group. Through that group I met like-minded folks, learned new job-seeking tips, and found a job search mentor. Through other groups, I connected with writers, editors, graphic artists, and instructors. People with generous with their knowledge and their time.

Some months into my Cleveland days, I found part-time work. I met more people, was active in my professional association, learned new technologies, and my network grew. Ultimately, I landed a full-time job in my field. And I stayed active, discovered I could write and present, and began sharing my job search knowledge and time.

Cleveland has been a great place to test the networking waters. It’s been a wonderful place to grow my skills. And the folks are down-right friendly.

To my Cleveland network buddies…THANK YOU!