Unlocking new doors is often a challenge. Sometimes, the lock hasn’t been used much and the key gets stuck. Slowly, patiently, we can oil the lock, turn the key, and open the door. Recently, I had this experience and wondered, “Is this really about the key and lock? Or, is there something bigger here?”

After working hastily with the stubborn lock, I stopped and realized that pressing the key wasn’t working. (Who was stubborn – me or the lock? Me!) Since I couldn’t open the lock, I started thinking about what a stuck lock and an uncooperative key really meant.

We use keys to unlock locks. At times, there are locks that unlock easily with the slight turn of a key. Sometimes there are difficult locks that need patience and/or creative action. Finding employment is like that difficult lock. We need patience, resourceful networking, and creative communication to lead us to the door that will open easily. Deciding a new life direction can also be a challenging lock. Developing patience, endurance, and creativity are critical keys to open the new door.

As I considered these ideas, I took a slow deep breath, leisurely turned the key, and let myself in the door.