Submit a


OK – so I took poetic license with the last word. The message stands: ask a question to get clarification on issues, policies, and procedures.

Recently, I had a thorny question for a government agency. I was fairly certain that they would respond negatively. Yet there was that small chance that I’d receive a favorable response. Nervously, I asked the customer service rep my question. She asked me to wait while she checked on the response. To my shock, the answer was in my favor!

Armed with some self-confidence from this experience, I contacted a medical provider’s billing office to discuss my account. (Background: This is a provider error. Initially, the provider submitted the claim to the wrong insurance company. After my repeated attempts, the claim is finally with the correct company.) I wanted the provider to re-set my billing date so that the account would be current. I explained the issue to the representative. She responded, “Sure. Consider it done.”

Lessons learned: ASK. Always Submit a Kwestion.

Where can you apply ASK? Please share your experiences here!