Last weekend it snowed and snowed, and then it snowed some more. Nothing really unusual about that. After all, it was February in Cleveland. It’s what I did with the grey skies and snow that was unusual.

Initially, I succumbed. “Nah – I’m not walking out in that weather!” I had great excuses for not walking to my friends’ home Friday evening (I’d been invited for dinner). It was cold. It was too dark to see – there might have been ice patches. I might fall. You get the picture. I rationalized that I was better off at home alone than going out in the snow.

Then suddenly my brain snapped. “Oh. That’s that dark side talking. It’s talking me out of doing something fun. The dark side wants sadness and depression.”

“Oh no ya don’t,” I countered. “I’ll beat you at your own game.”

“Hah! I’m outta here.” And I bundled up and faced the snow head-on!

[P.S. I had a great time!]